Jimmy is the best!

Jimmy has been coaching an improv group I am a part of for almost a year now. He gives very positive and helpful feedback. Jimmy is always bringing new exercises to the group for us to keep things fresh. I can really see a huge improvement in our long-form and short form improv. He was encouraging of our group preforming together, I don’t think without his encouragement we would have even thought that was possible. But, most importantly because of his kind and open spirit he has really made each week fun!

Samantha Tabak

Incredibly enthusiastic and encouraging

My improv group and I were lucky enough to book a private lesson with Jimmy during our last trip to L.A. and I gotta say, it was one of the best three hours of practice we’ve ever had. Jimmy is incredibly enthusiastic and encouraging but also offers direction when you need it most. Having taught extensively at the Groundlings, his speciality is character. When you train with Jimmy, he helps you find that special movement, posture, voice, or theme that really makes your character come alive. A lesson with Jimmy will take your group’s performances to the next level, he’s an amazing teacher.

Peter Graff, She's British Improv, San Francisco

Highly recommended

Jimmy is a great teacher and a phenomenal guy. Kind, helpful, and best of all funny!

T.J. Riordan

Team Jimmy

Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy is awesome awesome awesome! Jimmy has been our coach for a small improv troupe, Invasion of Privacy, and it has been so much fun getting to work with him. He is funny, witty, quick on the spot, and gives feedback that challenges you but yet doesn’t make you want to curl in a hole and disappear forever. Between team Jacob, team Edward, or even team Stefan (for you vampire lovers out there) I am totally Team Jimmy!

Adella Rae