Jimmy Fowlie



Jimmy has been involved in television and internet comedies such as CBS’s 2 Broke Girl$, HBO’s The Comeback, The Joe Schmo Show, CollegeHumor Originals, and Jimmy Kimmel Live!. He most recently was a staff writer on a pilot for MTV2. Other writing credits include the punch up for the ABC Family television pilot, Phys Ed. His most accomplished writing work is for his comedy sketch, Go-Go Boy Interrupted – an award-winning comedy that follows go-go boy Danny Carter as he ages out of his “career” dancing for tips.

When I first moved to LA, I worked as a go-go dancer and there were so many hilarious stories that I always wanted to write about them! A year ago, I filmed 7 sketches that followed the story of a go-go boy who turned 30 and then got fired from the club he worked at. I called it “Go-Go Boy Interrupted.” It was part of a live show I was doing at The Groundlings in Los Angeles. Some friends encouraged me to put it online, and so I released it as a weekly web series in October 2014.

I truthfully never pictured it doing as well as it did. The show was featured on The Advocate Magazine’s “hot list,” Huffington Post, LA Weekly, and more! We (the director Jordan Black and I) ended up signing a shopping agreement with a production company, and with their agent, we took out “Go-Go Boy Interrupted” to TV networks to try and sell it as a  TV show. We went to HBO, Showtime, IFC, and Bravo just to name a few!

The first season of Go-Go Boy Interrupted was created with a very limited budget. However, fans from around the world were begging for a second season of the show. Jimmy and his creative team, including director Jordan Black and fellow comedian Brian Jordan Alvarez (Eliot), put fans of the series to task by launching an all-or-nothing Kickstarter campaign to fund a second season.

Go-Go Boy Interrupted Season 2 Cast Promo

Fans were not the only ones willing to invest in this effort to continue the series. Many cast members volunteered their time, including Scott Evans, Nick Adams, and John Suazo, who participated in an online auction to help raise funds. One new addition to the cast, Heather Morris, even asked to be added to the show cast via Twitter. Corporate backers Andrew Christian and Adammale.com also offered their support to the campaign that exceeded its goal of raising $65,000 in just a few weeks time. You can watch the second season of Go-Go Boy Interrupted online at gogoboyinterrupted.com.